Bluesky Origin

It was 2001, and Graham Harris was in his home town, Perth, for a visit. At a business meeting, he complained about having nowhere to get a drink in Nanjing. You either went to a 5 star hotel and paid through the nose, or went to a Chinese bar and got warm beer. The meeting had been thinking about a suitable cash flow business to start in Nanjing, and now it was thought that there was an idea here. Graham had been a very successful publican at the Parkerville Tavern in Western Australia, and two of us thought he was just the man to get something going in Nanjing. At first, Graham grumbled, but then brightened up and said “Well, if I want somewhere to have a drink, I will have to do it myself!”

And thus Bluesky was born, or at least conception had taken place. The doors eventually opened in August 2002.

Passing time

Managers and staff have come and gone, but Bluesky remains Bluesky. Its distinctive, comfortable atmosphere is as much created by our customers as anything else. We have resisted calls to open more Bluesky, but in the future who knows. For now, Bluesky is the one and only!


Graham started visiting China in 1997, and ended up living here for 8 years, mostly in Nanjing. While here, he had the good fortune to meet Rainbow (Li Cai Hong), and they were married in Perth in 2001. These days they reside in Perth, Western Australia, although when time permits they come back to keep an eye on the local community.

Laurence and Serresa

When Graham returned to Australia in 2005, Laurie came to China to monitor local business interests. He has had an involvement in Bluesky ever since. After assisting with some of her students, Laurie and Serresa went on to get married in Nanjing. They are now co-owners of Bluesky.

(Penny photo)


Penny was an employee of Bluesky from the beginning, working her way up to management. Working at Bluesky.